Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Israel And The Jewish Land

Why does the world say that Jews cannot live in parts of the land of Israel? They say that according to international law, settlements are illegal. It's like saying that Italians cannot build in parts of Italy.

We have come back to this land after being evicted by the Romans 2000 years ago. We are the original inhabitants of the land. The Romans destroyed the second Temple around 70 AD. We have come back because of unbearable persecutions in Europe, Arab countries, Russia and other places. Why is this Illegal?

It would be outrageous to say the Jews cannot live in Florida or Brazil, but it's OK to say that Jews cannot legally live in the Biblical lands of Israel. Why is that?

It's time for people to say the truth about the land of Israel. We did not take this land by force, it was granted to our forefather Abraham by God in the original Testament, the Torah, thousands of years ago. I cannot believe that educated people around the world have never read the Bible?

Why can't the nations just let us live in Peace after all that we have suffered thoughgout history. Why are we one of the only nations on earth that cannot have it's only holy place, the Temple Mount? Christianity and Islam are both based on our Torah, so they must admit that there were 2 Jewish Temples here. The Holy Temple is considered a "House to all Nations". Where on earth can you find a place where all nations can pray together to the one God in one voice?

This blog will outline Jewish persecutions in modern history so that the world can see that Jew-bashing existed prior to 1967 and 1948 and that Anti-Zionism is a politically-correct method of hating Jews in the modern era.

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